• Steve Mitchell

I Have A Very Big Mic Closet.

Actually, my mic closet consists of just one mic, the Axino USB Modeling Mic from Antelope Audio. Over the years I have owned a fortune in compressors, limiters, EQ's, preamps, and microphones, looking for just the right sound. Eventually, I transitioned from hardware to their software emulations modeled after the original piece of gear. This is called mic modeling and always required an external audio interface and power brick, which meant if you needed to go on the road you had to pack all that, the necessary cables PLUS the mic. I was looking for the most minimal recording rig with the same sonic quality of a studio with just a laptop and a USB microphone, needing only the 1 USB cable. It had to be something I would use in my home studio AND on the road. Typically, USB microphones are very limited in their sonic quality, but the Axino has an audio interface built into the mic itself that unlocks exact replicas of some of the most iconic mics, preamps, compressors, limiters, EQ's and reverbs. I'm able to build an audio chain tailored to my voice. I made a video to explain.

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